Live Performance Filters

These gels are suitable for use in environments that are subject to higher temperature ranges such as those experienced in the live performance arena (stage lighting) and TV stage sets, etc. The polymeric film and dyes used have a high resistance to colour fade on hot lights and comply with BS 3944:1992 pt 1. The stated temperature range is up to 185c. Please note there must be a gap between the filter gel and the lamp.

This gel is available in either sheet form 0.61m x 0.55m or rolls 7.62m x .61m.  Filter sleeves can also be made up using this gel, please contact us for a quote.

Pricing information:

Sheets (.61m x 0.55m)  £ 5.50
Roll       (7.62 x .61m)     £63.00

Please see our Colour Range section for available colours.