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Transformation Tubes' light filter sleeves and gels are made of the same high quality material.

What sizes of light filters are available?

Light Filters:Light filters
T4 (12mm dia) various lengths up to 750mm
T5 (16mm dia) 300mm 600mm 750mm 850mm long
T8 (26mm dia) 600mm 750mm 900mm long
T12 (38mm dia) 600mm 750mm 900mm long
PL - various lengths – special order

Sleeves simply slide into each other to create longer lengths.

Light Gels:
Sheet  0.60m x 0.55m
Sheet 1.20m x 0.55m
Roll 7.62m x 1.22m

All sizes are approximate.

Bespoke roll lengths and sheets sizes are available on request.

PL Tube

How do I fit a fluorescent light filter?

Unlike other wrap-around light filters, Transformation Tubes Colorap filter sleeves are much easier to fit because they are provided as a tube that simply slides over your fluorescent tube, as shown in the photos below.

Fitting a light filter  Fitted light filter

How long will the light filters last?

10,000 hours or 1 year depending on storage/usage.

Can light filters be removed and re-used?

Yes! Our filters are fully reusable. Should a tube break simply remove the glass into a sealable container. Do not inhale any of the harmful material from the broken tube. Clean the sleeve out and slide in a new fluorescent tube.

Are the light filters fire resistant?

Transformation Tubes filters are fire resistant to BS 3944:1991 pt 1. High temperature polycarbonate live performance filters are available by special order.

What are light filters made of?

Tough Polyester film coated with dyed lacquer
High accuracy construction
High fade resistance
Manufactured to BS 3944 and IS0 9002

What additional data is available on request?

Percentage transmissionFluorescent ceiling tubes
Maximum absorption at wavelength R
Colour temperature
Mired value
Stop value
Colour space definition in Tristimulus Value (X, Y, Z), Cielab (L,a,b), or CMC (L,c,H) and Metamersim

For other technical queries and assistance please contact Transformation Tubes.

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