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Filter tubes

Since 1990 Transformation Tubes has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Colorap colour filter sleeves and gels. The easy-to-fit sleeves are designed for use with all fluorescent tubes, and are a cost-effective way to transform simple fluorescent tubes into a vast array of lighting effects. Gels are available in sheets or rolls for use in many applications from professional lighting to home craft use.

The Transformation Tubes colour range consists of over 100 colour variations including colour effects light filters, correction filters, live performance light filters, diffusion light filters, reflectors and accessories. The filters can be used for:

Gel light filters

Light filters are used in diverse environments such as TV Production/Film, Theatre, Retail, Hospitality/Catering, Museums, Art Galleries, General Industry, Interior Design and home craft projects.

Transformation Tubes make coloured filter sleeves to suit standard fluorescent tubes sizes T4, T5, T8, T12 and can also produce sleeves for many other sizes including PL and low energy lights.  Please contact Transformation Tubes for more information.

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